Welcome to ‘Dansk Patchwork Forening’

Guild history:
Dansk Patchwork Forening was established in 1986. As of January 1st 2005, the guild counted more than 6000 members. Since 1986, the guild has seen the number of regional patchwork guilds growing all over the country and many of the guild members are active in more than 60 regional patchwork guilds that exist in Denmark. In this way the guild serves not only as an ordinary guild to members who has not joined a regional patchwork guild, but also as a parent guild to all the regional patchwork guilds.
You may see the geographical location of the regional patchwork guilds by pressing the link Lokalgrupper but please note that the upcoming page is in Danish and not English.

Mission statement:

  • The overall purpose of the guild is to
  • strengthen and promote the interest in and knowledge of patchwork, quilting and appliqué,
  • encourage and enhance the contact to and among guild members, and
  • to serve as a link to foreign patchwork guilds and patchwork activities abroad.

The guild also intends to be of mutual assistance and inspiration.

Guild management:
The day-to-day operation of the guild is carried out by the board, which at present is composed by five persons. In addition to this, the guild is managed through

  • the journal committee which is responsible for issuing “Kludemagasinet” the guild member journal
  • the internet committee which is responsible for the managing and updating of the guild website
  • the committee which is responsible for the upkeep of the international co-operation with guilds in other countries and regional and international associations, e.g. the European Quilters Association (EQA).

‘Kludemagasinet’ – the guild member journal:
The guild member journal is issued four times per year.
The member journal contains e.g.

  • Information on quilt and patchwork exhibitions and quilt and patchwork classes
  • Articles on quilt and patchwork
  • Patterns
  • News items from the regional patchwork guilds
  • News items from the board

If you wish to purchase previous issues of ‘Kludemagasinet’, please contact Sekretariatet or Telephone: +45 6536 1155.

Annual General Meeting and Annual Quilt Festival & Show:
Each year in the last weekend in August, the guild hosts its Annual General Meeting and its Annual Quilt Festival & Show.
In so far as it is possible, the board strives to host these events in a different location each year so that every part of Denmark is visited.
The Annual Quilt Festival & Show is a major event for the enthusiastic guild members and other patchwork and quilt enthusiasts from all parts of Denmark. The Annual Quilt Festival & Show includes guild member quilt exhibitions, workshops, lectures on different aspects of patchwork and quilting, and an array of patchwork shops that sell all patchwork items imaginable.

Guild merchandise:
It is possible to purchase the various merchandise bearing the guild logo such as pins, cards, posters, umbrellas etc.
If you want to buy any of the items please contact Sekretariatet but please note that the upcoming page will be in Danish and not English.

Guild membership fee:
The guild membership fee for 2019 is DKK 330 for members living in Denmark, DKK 435 for members living abroad. New members pay a registration fee of DKK 50.
If you want to become a member of the guild, please contact Sekretariatet or telephone +45 6536 1155 and state your name, address and telephone number.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional quilter, Dansk Patchwork Forening welcomes you!

Translation by Winnie Egefjord